You don’t have to go to a plastic surgeon to correct your facial oval. You can make your skin firm and elastic with Belarusian lifting cosmetics. It is recommended to use it after 35 years, when the first signs of aging appear – wrinkles, folds and sagging of the skin.

The range of Belarusian cosmetics for face lifting is represented by alginate, tissue masks, serums, emulsions, creams, oils, patches. They contain vitamin C, snake venom peptides, tea mushroom and pearl extracts, bifidobacteria, which saturate the epidermis with moisture, amino acids and microelements. In addition, the active ingredients rid the dermis of toxins and waste products, restore, tone it and stimulate the natural production of collagen. Most products are suitable for all skin types. They should be used according to the instructions. For example, it is better to apply creams twice a day – in the morning and in the evening, and serums and masks – by courses.

As a result of using Belarusian lifting products, you get a tightened facial oval, smooth and beautiful skin.

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Showing 1–12 of 217 results