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hemp green collection based on hemp oil and proteins by bielita
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Hemp Green Collection based on Hemp Oil and Proteins by Bielita

Belarusian cosmetics always amaze me with their vast selection of products! Especially surprising are the ingredients found in some hair and skin care formulas: Hemp Oil and Hemp Proteins. These are the ingredients I found in the Bielita Hemp Green line and this is what I found about them online:

Hemp Oil, also known as Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, is a light cold-pressed oil from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It has been used for centuries in cooking as well as topical applications for a wide range of skin problems.

This vegetable oil is unique in its composition. Although it is mostly devoid of THC and CBD (the active ingredients in marijuana), it contains various other compounds, including antioxidants and phytocannabinoids. It is also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid, an important component of the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The 3 main benefits of using cannabis oil for your skin

  1. Hemp oil helps visibly reduce skin blemishes and oiliness

Research shows that cannabis seed oil can help reduce the appearance of skin blemishes. Black spots, whiteheads and other types of blemishes appear when pores become clogged with sebum, dead skin and other impurities. Numerous studies have shown that cannabis sativa seed oil can help minimize the amount of sebum on the surface of the skin. And it can help reduce the number and severity of clogged pores. Most importantly, hemp seed oil is well tolerated by all skin types and is a great option for sensitive and dry skin because it is all-natural and gentle on more sensitive skin types.

  1. Hemp oil strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier

As I mentioned above, hemp oil is rich in various polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants, including linoleic and alpha linoleic acids. Both of these compounds are abundant in the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Having enough of these fatty acids in the skin contributes to a smoother and more hydrated complexion. It also helps to ensure that the skin’s natural moisture barrier is functioning properly to protect against adverse environmental factors. Thus, topical application of hemp seed oil will help provide the skin barrier with essential nutrients.

  1. Hemp seed oil helps minimize skin redness

Reddened skin can be difficult to deal with and not always easy to hide with makeup. If you’re familiar with this dilemma, it may be worth picking up a sensitive skin care routine. But you can also incorporate hemp seeds into your daily care. According to research, Cannabis Sativa seed oil can help soothe skin and visibly reduce redness.

Products with Hemp Oil

Hydrolyzed Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, is a form of plant-derived Hemp Protein derived from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. In skin care, hemp protein restores epidermal homeostasis for more vibrant and healthy skin. It also increases moisture levels, making skin more supple and soft, reducing flaking. In hair care products, hydrolyzed hemp protein strengthens hair to protect it from damage, increases elasticity for healthier and firmer hair, and smooths hair after chemical damage.

Hydrolyzed hemp seed extract contains no GMOs, gluten or parabens.

Products with Hemp Protein

This winter, I’m looking for the right skin care for the cold season. Since I have oily and combination skin prone to acne, oily and shiny patches are inevitable even in cool and dry weather. I turned to Belita’s Hemp Green series to see if this line could help my skin balance its oiliness and moisture levels and improve overall skin health on cold days. Over the past month, I’ve been testing the Hemp Green collection, which consists of 10 products: Make-Up Remover, Tonic, Rich Oil, Eye Cream, Face Cream, Hair Spray-Conditioner and Soft Balm, Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Shower Gel, Hand and Body Milk. I haven’t tried every product in the Hemp Line but I’ll give an explanation for the ones I’ve been able to. Read on to find out how they worked for my skin!

BIELITA – Face Eyes and Lips Make-Up Remover with Hemp Protein

face eyes and lips make up remover hemp green by bielita collection review

What it is: This product, according to the manufacturer, should delicately cleanse the skin and effectively remove makeup. Thanks to the hemp proteins in the composition, the skin will be smooth and soft, having a positive effect on its condition.

My take: This product removes makeup well, but it is not so easy to remove stubborn products. Of course, the manufacturer did not say anything about this feature, and in general, many natural products have the same disadvantages. Makeup remover does not irritate the mucosa, does not cause redness, burning and other unpleasant reactions. Therefore, it can safely be used to remove mascara. I am sure that such a property of the product will cause an even greater desire to buy it.

BIELITA – Face Neck and Décolleté Tonic with Hemp Proteins

What it is: Hemp Green Tonic will refresh and tone your skin beautifully. The hemp proteins present in the composition stimulate an increase in facial moisture for up to 12 hours. The tonic significantly reduces flakiness and dry skin.

My take: After removing my makeup with Hemp Green Makeup Remover I proceeded to tonic. The tonic gives very good hydration to the skin. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the results after the first use. My facial skin is incredibly soft, smooth, without any tightness or flakiness. It is especially felt in the morning, when you wake up and run your hand over your face. And this means that the tonic works all night long, taking care of the skin. The product prepares my face well for further care; it does not clash with either cream or serum. After the tonic all products are well applied to the skin, giving it extra care and nurturing. Thanks to the good hydration received from the tonic, fine wrinkles seem to be smoother, not so noticeable. When the skin is dry and dehydrated, all the creases on the face are visible, and with the tonic this problem disappears.

face neck and decollete tonic hemp green by bielita collection review

BIELITA – Face Cream Day-Night Wrinkle Minimizer and Intensive Care

day and night face cream wrinkle minimizer hemp green by bielita collection review

What it is: This cream is supposed to provide effective wrinkle length and depth reduction, help combat dry and flaky skin, and moisturize the skin well.

My take: The results of this cream will be best seen after two weeks of regular use. The first thing you immediately notice is that the skin is sufficiently moisturized. There is no dryness or flaking. The face is moisturized and nourished. Its tone becomes more even, the skin is smooth. Due to the presence of oils in the composition the face receives the necessary nutrition and care, and therefore fine wrinkles are smoothed out a little. They don’t disappear completely but they become less noticeable as the beneficial substances penetrate the skin and push them out from the inside. As a result, the skin is flatter, smoother and firmer.

BIELITA – Stop Puffiness and Wrinkles Eye Cream

What it is: The eye cream should reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles will become less visible. The skin of the eyelids will get proper nutrition and hydration.

My take: The cream gives not too active moisturizing, although after its application the skin does not experience dryness and tightness throughout the day, so, in my opinion, even this light moisturizing is enough. My skin, on the other hand, gets great nourishment! It looks soft, supple, becomes more elastic and even feels denser. This is all due to the presence of a huge amount of oils in the composition of this product.

The look becomes fresher and more rested. As for dark circles and puffiness, in my opinion, the cream does not help much, all these “troubles” remains. But the cream efficiently fights wrinkles and immediately after its application and full absorption a slight but very comfortable skin tension is felt.

stop puffiness wrinkles eye cream hemp green by bielita collection review

BIELITA – Face Rich-Oil

face rich oil intensive care hemp green by bielita

What it is: Rich oil prevents the appearance of wrinkles and helps reduce their depth and length. Rich Oil Hemp Green perfectly nourishes the skin, restoring it.

My take: After using the oil in the morning, my skin looks quite fresh and firm, the relief of the skin is noticeably smoother, because the oil not only moisturizes well, but also helps it look healthy and radiant. Even fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which are already beginning to appear, become less deep, and the skin around the eyes is firmer and more elastic. The skin visibly tightens and smoothes, it becomes soft and velvety! The oil does not clog pores and does not provoke inflammation. Of course I do not use this oil during the day because my face looks very greasy and not only tactilely, it is not a very pleasant feeling. In my opinion the best time to use it is in the evening before going to bed.

BIELITA – Hemp Green Hand and Body Milk

What it is: Hand and body milk will effectively eliminate dryness and flaking, provide smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Intensely nourishes and restores, long-lasting hydration and prevents stretch marks.

My take: The milk is quickly absorbed into the skin of the hands and body, while it does not leave the slightest trace after itself: no stickiness, no film. The skin becomes smoother, velvety, it receives a good level of hydration and nutrition. If your hands are flaky and dry, the milk eliminates them, smoothes them out, making the skin soft and elastic. If you use the lotion before going to bed, its effect is enough for the night. This product also has a cumulative effect: the more often it is used, the faster the positive result is noticeable and the longer it lasts.

natural nourishment softening hand body milk hemp green by bielita collection review

As I said above, I haven’t tried all of the Hemp Green line products, but you can do it yourself and share your review with others. The Bielita brand recommends the following steps with Hemp Green products:

Face Care

To cleanse and tone:

To moisturize and nourish the face and eyelids:

Body Care

Cleansing the body skin:

Moisturizing and nourishing for the body and hands:

Hair Care


My overall experience with the Hemp Green collection by Belita was enjoyable as I enjoyed every part of my skincare routine. Proteins and Hemp Oil are powerful ingredients that offer a range of benefits for different skin types, including very dry and sensitive skin. My oily and acne-prone skin was instantly nourished, hydrated and refreshed. The products soothed my irritated skin thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties of the formulas.

Can Bielita’s Hemp Green series protect my oily, acne-prone skin in winter? Yes! My skin condition has improved in cool and dry weather, as it felt very supple and moisturized during my testing. I also noticed that the redness caused by acne became less noticeable, and it boosted my confidence. If you want to get the full benefits of hemp oil and proteins for your skin, I highly recommend trying the Hemp Green collection by Bielita!

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