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1. What payment methods are available?

  • All major credit and debit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Cash on delivery (certain countries)

2. When will my credit card be charged?

If you pay using your credit card directly on our website, your credit card will be charged upon approval of the total order amount. Prior to approval, your order is in “On Hold” stage, during which you will not be charged. After approval, your credit card will be charged and the order will enter the “Processing” stage.

We guarantee that you will not be billed for any additional charges not associated with the order.

3. What currency will you use when charging my credit card?

All credit card transactions will be charged using the currency depending on the destination country. It can be the U.S. Dollar, Euro, Russian or Belarusian Ruble.

4. Can I pay with someone else’s credit card?

Yes. For security reasons, however, our Accounting Department may contact the rightful cardholder to verify the order and the identity of the cardholder.

5. What is CVC?

When paying via credit card, you are required to input your credit card’s CVC number each time you place an order.

CVC (Card Verification Code) is an authentication procedure established by credit card companies to provide greater security for Internet transactions. Also known as CVV (Card Verification Value) or CSC (Card Security Code), this 3 or 4 digit code is different from the standard credit card number, and can be found on the front or back of the credit card depending on the type of card. By entering the code during online transactions, the card holder verifies that the card is currently in their possession, thereby reducing the risk of credit card fraud.

6. How does CVC work?

The CVC is generated by encrypting the credit card number and expiry date with an encryption key known only to the issuing bank. This number is not stored on a credit card’s magnetic stripe, so it cannot be collected during normal offline purchases, and will not appear on any sales receipts or billing statements. As such, the only way to obtain the CVC number is to have the card in one’s possession. After entering the CVC during an online transaction, the number is sent to the issuing bank to verify that the card number and CVC match. This validates that the credit card user had the actual physical credit card in hand when they placed the order.

7. Where can I find the CVC number?

On a Visa or MasterCard, the CVC is a three-digit number located on the back of the card, usually in the signature stripe or to the right of it. On some cards, the CVC number will be printed on the back of the card after a full reprinting of the credit card number, or the last four digits of the credit card number. Please note the CVC number is a different number than your standard credit card number.

8. What is your credit card verification procedure?

Most credit card verifications are done automatically online by our payment gateway.

9. Can I use more than 1 credit card for my order?

No, we only allow usage of one credit card when checking out.

When placing separate orders, you are free to use a different credit card.

10. Do you accept debit cards and if so, how are charges handled?

Some debit cards are accepted by our payment processor depending on your issuing bank. If your debit card is accepted, we will handle billing and refunds the same way as do with credit cards. As we cannot identify which debit cards will be accepted prior to placing an order, we recommend that you try to place an order with your debit card. If the order goes through, then our payment processor accepts your debit card. If the order is not accepted then we suggest you use a different card or payment method.

11. Why I am being charged an extra amount on my credit card?

Beausto is located in Belarus. Some banks or credit card companies will charge transaction fees for international purchases, which will be reflected on your credit card statement as an extra charge. Please confirm with your bank or credit card company for details of their foreign transaction fees.

12. How are refunds handled?

All credit card transactions are charged upon order approval. Any amount owed for cancelled items will be refunded via the original payment method. It usually takes us between 1-3 business days to process refunds. The actual refund to your credit card will usually take 7-14 days, or even longer depending on the credit card used and your bank’s policies. Beausto is not responsible for any additional bank transaction fees or differences in the refund amount due to fluctuating exchange rates.

For returns, a refund will be given in accordance with our Return Policy. We offer size exchanges for incorrectly-sized items and replacements for defective products. Please refer to our Return and Exchange Policies for more information.

13. What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is an online payment and digital wallet service that allows users to make payments using devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. An Apple Pay account is required to use this service.

14. Which devices support Apple Pay?

Only the following browsers and devices support Apple Pay:

  • Safari browser
  • Devices capable of using Apple Pay on the web include the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, iPhone 6 and later, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, and iPad Pro models.

15. What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an online payment and digital wallet service developed by Google that allows users to pay using mobile devices like Android phones, tablets or watches. A Google account is required to use Google Pay.

16. Which devices support Google Pay?

The following browsers and devices support Google Pay:
– Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers
– Android phones, tablets and watches

17. How are refunds handled for cancelled or out of stock items when using Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Refunds will be processed through the original payment method used on you Apple Pay or Google Pay account.

18. Can I pay for my order using PayPal?

Unfortunately, payment via PayPal is not possible due to restrictions imposed by the Belarusian government.

19. In which countries is Pay on delivery available?

Payment on delivery is available only in Belarus and some regions of Russia.

20. How secure is your site?

All personal information is protected with industry-leading encryption software, Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

We also use various security technologies to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Payment is made on a special secure page of the electronic payment provider, which provides 100% security.

For additional security, bank card data is not stored on the Beausto website.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

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